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A collection that sparks the imagination

Expect the unexpected

Wonderment is created for the dreamers: the believers in new ideas. You never give up simplicity and elegance, but you also long for something different, some unique take on life. Our artisans share this same drive, which is why they use a four-pass process of texture, stain, highlight, and lowlights to create a full gradient of color washes across each plank. Coordinating styles of Wonderment Carpet, provide an awe-inspiring combination that makes all your flooring dreams come true.

Hardwood flooring

Crafted with care

Behind every Anderson Tuftex style is a team of artisans who care as much about performance as they do aesthetics. To ensure complete protection, we finish each board with Luster-Lock Ultra®, a UV-cured system that furthers the strength, durability, and scuff and abrasion resistance of our Wonderment Hardwoods. This breakthrough technology performs 6x better than the competition and provides easy-clean advantages that keep your floor looking its best.