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When it comes to selecting the right carpet for your space, you need to think about durability and softness, plus maintenance and even pattern scale. Consider how you use each room on a daily basis. If it’s a high traffic area like a living room, you’ll want to select a carpet with maximum durability. For a bedroom, the way it feels beneath your bare feet might be the ultimate consideration. Is the room a hub for kids and pets? Make sure to select pet and kid-friendly carpet with spill-proof backing, so accidents and messes are easy to clean.


We are committed to providing you with responsibly sourced hardwood flooring! To that end, it is the policy of Shaw Industries Group, Inc. to produce and sell hardwood and hardwood products originating from responsible sources. For additional details, or to contact the Program Administrator responsible for implementing this policy, click here (

Luxury Vinyl

Found in the resilient category, luxury vinyl tile flooring looks and feels just like stone or ceramic tile, from the natural color choices to the surface texture. Luxury vinyl planks are engineered to look like wood planks in everything from color to species. To give the planks the look of real wood, surface textures oftentimes include the look of scraping and embossing. Luxury vinyl planks can also be installed like hardwood flooring, creating stunning patterns such as super trendy herringbone pattern, for a sophisticated and beautiful look.

Tile & Stone

It’s important to know that all porcelain is ceramic but not all ceramic is porcelain.  Porcelain is actually ceramic that has lower water absorption due to a denser body, so it’s really ideal for outdoor installation. Porcelain is also fired at a higher temperature, causing it to become 30% harder than stone and much more denser and impervious to moisture. Ceramic tile, meanwhile, has more color options, is more cost effective than porcelain, and tends to be easier for installers to cut.