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Anderson Tuftex



Made with STAINMASTER® PetProtect® fiber, our Unleashed Collection has built-in stain protection and pet-hair resistance to make clean up a cinch. It’s also color-safe and fade-resistant so your home still feels like home at the end of the day.

Anderson Tuftex Artistry Collection carpet flooring


Our Artistry collection’s subtle patterns and natural textures give you the feeling of a floor that was created, not just made. The beautiful series blends into any style with elegance, but it’s not just another pretty face. Like any true masterpiece, we purposefully craft every Artistry product to withstand the test of time.


This collection is for the dreamers: the believers in new ideas. You never give up simplicity and elegance, but you also long for something different, some unique take on life.

Grey Carpet flooring
Anderson Tuftex

Designed with intention. Crafted with care.

At Anderson Tuftex, we take great pride in crafting carpets and hardwoods that are designed with thought and purpose. Down to the very twist of our fibers and the knots of our wood, our artisans love quality and detail as much as you do. We understand your need for beautiful, timeless flooring in complementary styles that gracefully transition throughout your home, and we respond with flooring that provides the perfect canvas upon which to build your life, your dreams and your personal style.

Hardwood flooring

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Designed for you.
Built for your pet

Built-in stain protection and pet-hair
resistance that makes cleanup a cinch.